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Armoured Bulletproof Ambulance Cote D’ivoire or Ivory Coast

MSPV Company provides Armoured Bulletproof Ambulances to the many African, Asian & Middle –East Countries Government, Ministry of Defense, Police and security forces. MSPV Bulletproof Ambulance offers another layer of protection and gives chance to medical teams to give medical attention during shootings or terrorist attacks. How sad that terrorist do not hesitate to shoot at or throw rocks at ambulance whose only purpose is to provide medical assistance. Emergency medical teams and paramedics are facing increasing dangers as they provide more immediate medical care in active shooter situations.

MSPV bulletproof ambulances are provided ballistic protection for the medical staff on duty. It provides more room, better light, as well as the ability to carry additional medical equipment and safely store oxygen.

MSPV Company responds a requested from various clients for the development of an ambulance that does not look like an armoured military vehicle and functions like a normal ambulance while providing increased safety & security to crews during gun firing situations. Standard feature includes run-flat in tires for the situation the tire become punctured. A full envelope of armoured plate throughout the ambulance and the glass of the window replaced with bulletproof glass.

MSPV Bulletproof Ambulances are the ultimate choice of emergency medical response teams working in hostile and high-risk regions around the world. For more information contact us at +971 4 425 1761, +971 55 144 4457,+971 52 607 1484 or draft email on or visit

Armoured Bulletproof Ambulance Cote D'ivoire or Ivory Coast

Armoured Bulletproof Ambulance Cote D'ivoire or Ivory Coast

Armoured Bulletproof Ambulance Cote D'ivoire or Ivory Coast

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